Saturday, June 9, 2012

Turds of Suspicious Origin (T.O.S.O.)

Slow day for quotes:
 “I been walking on a turd shadow,  turd shadow, turd shadow…”

Pretty easy day. Got to sleep in, 4 hour drive, had a couple of hours to walk around whatever part of Kansas City we were in.  We played a place called Vinyl Renaissance, which was a cool little store built in an old garage. If it wasn’t for Lisa’s extended family we would’ve played to somewhere in the 5-10 people range. But the store was super nice, bought us pizza and gave us the records we were gonna buy.

Since it was an early show, and after eating Mexican at a place that made its own Tequila, we decided to put some miles in towards Denver. This is how we ended up at the Quality Inn in Salina about 3 hours west of KC. We’re all walking in tired when I come across something that looks like a very large tootsie roll on the linoleum floor. We all gather around and say, “Is that a turd.?” Turned out to be an unnecessary query because as we turned the corner there in front of us was a classic spiral shaped pile of shit. In the middle of the hallway. (video to be posted later)  Probably dog in origin although John thought it was from a child named Trevor. Then when we got into the room Lisa starts coughing and having trouble breathing. When she would leave the room it would it stop. So she spent the night sleeping in the van. For this pleasure we paid $132.

The next morning Chuck saw a man so big it looked like his feet had melted standing barefoot at the vending machine. When he looked down you could still see the shadow of the turd. Apparently an unexpected indoor feces incident is more of a scooping situation in Salina rather than the more traditional cleaning/disinfecting approach practiced say, outside of Calcutta.

So keep wearing those shoes kids. We’re playing in Denver tonight. Carl, the guy who does press for us is amazing at his job and has been helping us out since the first record. He’s gotten interviews or write-ups in every city except Denver. So as far as we know, no one knows we’re coming. 


  1. This reminds me of the the episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia where there were trying to find out who pooped the bed. Poop is funny. Unless you step in it with bare feet.

  2. That episode has been referenced several times in the van as well

  3. I love this! Thanks for the giggle.