Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tour Life Introduction

This blog is being created for the duration of the Wussy summer tour. We are going on our first trip out west and then making two short trips to the east. By the time the summer has ended we'll have played around 30 shows ( I haven't counted) to potentially tens of people. I'm really creating this for myself. We've been on short tours before but never anything this extensive and if we ever do it again it will be something we've already done. (I'm also very aware that this is just a short jaunt for lots of working bands - but it's big to me) It's a kind of undiscovered country and I figure it might be nice to look back on someday after everyone in the band has stopped hating each other. Because after that long in a van we will hate each other rest assured. Also, I'm really hoping it might be a way for my friends and family to share in this little adventure. I'm lousy with programs so be patient. I'm also curious as to whether I can keep it going the whole time. Our van (plenty more about that later) supposedly has a hotspot in it so we can post from the literal road. We leave on June 7th but I'm going to start now because the preparations have already been full of new things. Take care!