Monday, June 11, 2012

Grand Junction Is the Place For Me!

Grand Junction


“According to ancient astronaut scientists…”  The History Chanel  (from one of the most ridiculous bits of television I’ve ever seen, whereupon alternative historians and “many scientists” posited the theory that various mythological creatures were actually aliens or created by aliens. The day before we watched, on the Oprah network no less, shows about the shooting from the Texas Clock Tower and the Son of Sam. I’m beginning to look at the television the way an abused dog looks at the newspaper.)

“Lard was rendered by the choir.” Lisa

“It’s just a view – go back to sleep.”

“I will not be a backburner girl, I will NOT!!!” Girl weepily exclaiming loudly as we walked into restaurant. 

“Freckledink” Chuck – in reference to a red haired man’s penis.

“Pee Joe? – that’s my favorite Stephen King novel.” Chuck

I wont even try to describe how beautiful the drive from Denver to Grand Junction was. It was all snow-capped, lush, and waterfall-y, with ruddy cheeked, hale people doing various vigorous outdoor activities involving paddles and bikes and stuff. And then slowly the palette began to change from greens and browns into tans, oranges and reds. And in that surprising way Colorado has we found ourselves in another world of high country desert; arid and dusty with mesas always in the distance. This was the world of Grand Junction where we were to play a Sunday night show. Grand Junction itself was a small town and evoked such glowing descriptions as Grand Junction, the Toledo of Colorado! Toledo Ohio that is.

We first stopped at KAFM, a solar powered community radio station where Chuck and Lisa went on the air and hyped the show to a cadaverous but very nice dj who loved and still plays the Ass Ponys "Lohio" record.

We were going to play an “Indie Rock Showcase” with three other bands at the Mesa Theatre, an old place with a gorgeous marquee. The owner was a shouty man with few admirers among the local musicians.  Sample conversation between him and employee starting with him. “Sound guy didn’t show up.” “Which one?” “Idiot One or Idiot Two, take your pick.” He was nice to us though, as long as you didn’t mind being talked at with no pause, or even desire it would seem, for a response. As we were loading in word came around to the musicians that the owner had just sold the place and that after 14 years this was going to be his last show. Interesting night.  About 80 kids showed up to see the band after us who were really good and obviously local heroes. The kids tolerated us and a few even got up to dance. We only had a half hour set so we decided to go for a Yo La Tengo vibe and see if we could stretch 4 songs into the whole set. I got a video of Pizza King so I’ll post that if I ever learn how.

Today is a driving day with us due to play in Spokane, WA tomorrow.

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