Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Big Stupid Camping Trip

We're leaving in 4 days and as I'm trying to get everything done before leaving my house and life for a month it's starting to feel less like a tour and more like a grown up camping trip. Or some sort of Brady Family vacation. For instance I just realized my air mattress pump only works from car lighters which won't do a damn bit of good in a hotel room. I swear I just spent 10 minutes looking at peanut butters in the store. I bought s stain stick, which felt like I'd broken some sort of rock rule of which I was unaware. Perspective is in short supply at the moment. 

My greatest fear for this blog is that it will turn into a litany of antiquarian ailments and boring meal descriptions as we obsess over our weakening bodies. Things like: "Chuck moved his bowels 3 times today, everyone breathes a sigh of relief!" Or "Lisa's tumor turned out to be an ingrown hair - LA show is NOT cancelled." You think I'm joking? Match the description to the band member: Weight watchers, hypochondriac, fussy vegetarian w/high cholesterol, gourmand. Christ on a cracker, (which surprisingly has no cholesterol) shoot us if that happens.


  1. Everyone will just 'watch' it to see the REAL WORLD type confessionals. You start voting members 'out if the van' THEN thete will be a fan intervention!

    1. ha ha Totally. I can't wait to see who wins immunity.