Monday, June 18, 2012

Drive Day #2 - The Reckoning*


“I’ve got a raging clue (or Klug) depending on who’s saying it)

“Bum skill and hobo aim”- Chuck and Rene (our tour manager) referring to Chuck’s ability to piss in a bottle at night when he’s sleeping in the van.

“I’m not in here with you – you’re in here with me.”  Watchmen quote uttered by Chuck but applicable to prisons and vans.

“I never crash in dreams.” Lisa referring to a re-occurring dream where a section of a bridge disappears as she’s driving over it.

“My name is Squirrel.” John told the guy at the counter of a Jack in the Box that was his name so they would announce it over the PA when his order was done.

“In your deepest sorrows is when devine help arrives” - Church sign. Of all the words a church should spell right divine should really be at the top of the list.

“Yummy Bowel” Chuck reading a Chinese Restaurant sign.

“Play Safe – Stay off logs!” Cautionary sign

“That’s a little bit too much Tore My Anus for me.” Lisa letting us know that a particular song sounded too much like Tori Amos.

“Aww… I kicked a diaper”

Today was a drive day. We have a show to play tomorrow in Oakland. If we stuck to the highways we could probably make it in 12 hours but because we’re awesome we decided to take the 101/Pacific Coast Highway with the goal of making Crescent City just over the line in California. That way we could see the Redwoods the next morning. Because of this there will be more quotes than writing because describing scenery is like talking about your parents having sex. You can picture it but it’s not like actually being there.

The most notable thing about the Oregon coast was the lushness brought on by what would appear to be an almost constant misty, foggy, drizzle-ish moisture. Everything was covered in moss and looked pre-historic. We only stopped a couple of times because we had a ways to go but I’m glad we went that way. We ate in Coos Bay and bought gourmet chocolate from an inexplicably open chocolatier (place was a ghost town otherwise) and made it to Crescent City where we stayed in an old school Econo Lodge that everyone but Chuck whined about like a bunch of soft babies.

Tomorrow the Redwoods and Oakland 

*made it seem more exciting didn't it?

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