Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Like Christmas Eve but in No Way Like Christmas Eve

I think I'm packed. Tried like hell to stick to the 2 bag rule but failed. One is mostly food so I don't think that should count. Lisa's record is 11 very small bags. Most common exchange on that tour was, "Chuck, have you seen my bag?" "Which one?" "Jesus Christ." etc.

I finished up teaching today which involved completely cleaning out everything from my room. Maybe starting the tour the very next day after wasn't the greatest idea but since it was mine I'm not gonna bitch about it. Said goodbye to HJ and spent a lot of time hugging my kids and explaining how long it will be until they see me again. This will be the longest I've been away from them since they've were born. 12 years running now. Bittersweet night but this is a dream I've had since I was a kid so it's a good thing too.

If I get bored tomorrow I will rhapsodize about seeing the Venus transit last night, but for now I'm too tired. Tomorrow is St. Louis with a live set on KDHX at 6:00 EST (I think) and then a set at The Duck Room for Twangfest. This will be our third time in St. Louis but after this mostly new towns and unbroken ground.


  1. Rock out with your...
    Just Rock it, man.

  2. This is pretty sweet. It's almost as good as you being here! Can we vote on the font, though? Or am I confusing this with a democracy?

  3. I'm with Candace on the font, at least for the actual post.

    Glad you had a teaching gig this year, glad you guys have a tour and so glad I know you before you make it big.

    Wishing you coulda made it through Chicago on this tour cause DJ Fento and I would've brought about 50 new fans, but on Round 2, you know you guys have a place to stay in the Windy City. You even get your own bathroom.

    Cheers and bon voyage!

  4. Thanks for such a great performance tonight at the Duck Room. It must be great to make so many people thrilled I got to be one of them. Hope all goes well with the rest of the tour. Blake from St. Louis (with origins in College Hill)