Friday, June 8, 2012

St. Louis

First day quotes: 

Before we were even on the highway, "It's not a fart smell. More of a didn't wipe your butt smell." Chuck

"My goal is to be the corn-pone Greg Dulli." Chuck

Gas station attendant to Chuck as he was buying a spider ball,  "A month ago I was in Tennessee and got bit by a spider. Hadn't healed up yet.  3 antibiotics and it looks like this" (angry red puffy slightly necrotic)

"Well, hope you get better."

"Aw, it's better 'n it was"

Kelly Hogan in the green room on the way out to stage, "Well let's go boys, we'll skip the pre-show massage and group prayers tonight."

Overheard by Joe after the show, "That bass player is full of it." ("it" was never defined)


St. Louis and Twangfest was the absolute best way to start the tour. Somehow we fit all our shit into the van (Joe was on fire) and got to KDHX at exactly 4:00. We recorded a 3 song set they were going to play later that night. The reason I'm writing this fairly boring bit of info is that (and this was theme for the night) everyone there was so freaking nice.  Guy named Dan recorded us and we sat around and talked about how he saw the Minutemen right before D. Boon died and Chuck told a story about Boon falling off the stage of the Jockey Club right onto a drum kit and never missing a note.

We went straight to The Duck Room where we were playing as part of the Twangfest Festival. A 4 night fest started back during the days. They fed us, gave us beer, sold merch for us and again we sat around and talked about bands.  We had a few people right in front of the stage singing all the words (except Chuck who had two dowagers glare at him the whole set).  Kelly Hogan was the headliner and she was a hoot. She insists people just call her Hogan because her dad was military and that's how addressed her. Her rider asked for white wine (which she drank straight out of the bottle onstage) and a dog. This seemed a strange request, but it turns out she just loves dogs and if anyone involved with the show can bring their dog along she'd appreciate it. Amazing singer too.

We set a new record for merch sales (ours not the festivals) so that was cool. We stayed at the Incidence Inn - site of a little known 1980's horror film. Now on to Kansas City to play an instore at Vinyl Rennaisance and eat Mexican food with Lisa's family.

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