Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Travel Day #5

Animals: Sigh

Quotes: “Old black polyp, keep on growin’”

SIARPC: Greg Doily

Our goal was to get from Oakland to San Clemente. And not much of anything happened beyond that. Central California is parched. There seem to be only two colors: brown and green wherever the agriculture required it. And by agriculture, at least along the stretch of 5 we were on, it was primarily almond trees. I am curious, not curious enough it would seem to research it yet, as to what the politics of water in California are. At our show in L.A. the next night, while extolling the virtues of said city Lisa said something along the lines of, “What else do you need?” And someone from the audience shouted back, “Water.”

Somewhere in the middle of all this brown, quite by random, “Cool Water” by the Sons of the Pioneers came on the car stereo. One of my favorite songs ever and proof there is a greater power directing the so called “random” playlists of our lives.*

We arrived in San Clemente after dark and I went for a walk to the downtown for a drink. It took around 40 minutes each way, thus defining my time in San Clemente. By which I mean walking. I walked back and forth from the hotel to the downtown area so many times that when we finally left Sunday morning, I was as close to requiring a Rascal as I’ve ever been.

Tomorrow is L.A.

*starring Joseph Mascolo

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