Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not Really San Diego

Animals: Brown Pelicans

Quotes: Nothing. We didn’t go anywhere.

SIARPC: Goeta Lee

We were supposed to play San Diego but had to cancel pretty much the day before. Which in this business is bad news indeed. Here’s what happened. Rene’ had booked us at a club a while back but the club closed so she had to scramble to get a new location. The best she could find was a space that did house type shows but not in an actual house. I’m only putting this together via second hand information so if I get it wrong it’s all my fault. It’s my understanding that the dude setting up the show, in his excitement to have us there began to build a stage. The landlord apparently took exception to this and said he had broken his lease and was gonna shut the show down. So we were super disappointed and by this stage of the tour, any night we’re not playing there is no money coming in but only going out.

There are worse things than a day off in San Clemente though. One of Joe’s best friends in the world lives there, which kind of explains why we ended up there in the first place. This friend possesses two paddleboards so John, Joe, and I went and did that. He took us to the part of Point Dana the locals call Baby Bay. It was fun. You stand on an oversized surfboard and paddle with an extra long paddle. (The paddler paddles his paddleboat with padded paddles) I want to try it in water that isn’t so placid next time.

The rest of the day went like this: gift shopping, delightful fancy-pants lunch of cheese and wine, laundry, another walk to downtown, watch the Reds play while drinking over-priced margaritas, walk down to the pier and watch all the people out fishing around midnight. This late night pier fishing seems a somewhat grim business by the expressions on the fisherpeople. Even though this is a touristy sort of place, every single person with a pole in the water looked like they were fishing for dinner and settled in for the long haul. (sorry) Piers also always seem to attract teenagers pretending to be tough. I enjoy that too.

Now John, Lisa, and Rene’ had gone back to Hollywood just for the fun of it. They had a ridiculously silly good time. Lisa found her grandmothers grave, John bought a shirt that lights up. They saw a full grown man in an Elmo suit, which we decided out creeps clowns with stubble poking out through their make-up and tears in the knees of their soiled pants. However, I had hoped that either they or Joe would be back by midnight so I wouldn’t have to walk back to the hotel. Too bad so sad. It’s all uphill and I wanted to die.

That’s it.

Tomorrow is Phoenix.

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