Monday, August 5, 2013

The Remarkably Boring Story of the Making of Wussy's 5th Record

Writing about making a record is as interesting as talking about fishing. It's less interesting than talking about fucking but more interesting than writing about people talking about Jeff Buckley. Anyway...

I love making records. It’s a daunting process and you never know how it’s going to go. They tend to take a long damn time to make and at some point it’ll feel like the whole thing is going to fall apart and never get done, but it’s also one of the greatest things in the world to get to do. (nestled somewhere right in there between licking an angel’s tears and rubbing the fur on the belly of a fawn) It can be super contentious, emotions run high, and the things you play that are just fine live suddenly become not so hot under the microscopic glare of the recording process, but in the end you have an actual record. You know, like Led Zeppelin III or ABBA’s Arrival, just not as good. Wussy is fortunate that Shake It has always fronted the money for our records and we pay them back as the CDs sell. This is a luxury compared to every other band I’ve been in where you try to save up a few thousand dollars and record ‘till the money runs out. We’re at Ultrasuede with John Curley (he smells of lavender and wet  leather), the man who has recorded and mixed every record except Funeral Dress. I thought maybe it’d be interesting to write about us making our 5th record. Turns out it really isn’t. Not much happens for the vast majority of the time. We’re not the Rolling Stones in some dilapidated French mansion* but then who the fuck is? So I’ll post a few bits and then go back to shutting up.

*We haven't paid our taxes this year yet though. I filed an extension though so it's really not that similar.

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