Saturday, August 24, 2013

Attica (Song #1)

This is the first of my little synopsis (I'd like to create a cartoon character called Snopsees someday) (like maybe a blind Columbo/Mr. Magoo like white beagle with black ears) (at first he'll hate immigrants, because he's a beagle,* but when he learns the error of his ways he'll begin to humorously but trenchantly expose the inherent inequity in American society**) (and there will be a lot of butt-sniffing, urine dissecting type jokes***) of songs from our next album. It just seemed like the best way to write about how this record got made.

So there was this song that Chuck brought in awhile back. And as is often the case there were no lyrics yet. As an aside, (which is different than a digression) (unless I go on too long in which case I’ll have to amend the designation) the biggest lesson I’ve learned from watching Chuck as a writer is how patient he is with his lyrics. He’ll wait 6 months for the right word. In this case the fake words included a chorus with the words “priceless feeling,” which is the song equivalent of coming across a picture of your mom in bondage gear right before you’re about to have sex with someone who smells vaguely of boiled peanuts. However, the music was good, and because one of the other things we realized in the last year being that almost everyone in the band can play each other’s instruments Lisa was screwing around on the Wurlitzer. She came up with a wicked cool little pattern that kind of made the song.  So what with this that and the other the song hung around long enough to have the basics recorded. However, with 15 songs and no one really feeling much for it we were ready to scratch it. Then at the end of one night Lisa said she wanted to try a counter-melody to Chuck’s, as she is wont to do. As an aside, (I find using the word aside twice in quick succession amusing because I like to imagine it’s annoying) (so just know I’m sighing in a very self-satisfied way right now) (same with parentheticals) getting to have the privilege of hearing Lisa sing in the studio is something for which I’m forever grateful. She sings good great whatever live, but in the studio she’s like an actress. She can sing a song 3 different ways and you feel like three different people were in front of the mic. She can harmonize in unexpected ways that are so surprising and delightful everyone in the control room shakes their head. Seriously, I’ve been singing in bands for over 20 years and harmonizing with Brian Ewing that whole time. So I mean I’m not bad at it, but damn she’s good. (I’ve decided with no authority to do so that the degree of discursion from the topic at hand goes in this order: aside, tangent, digression) (take your Strunk and suck on it) So Lisa sang her counter-melody, intending it to be sang simultaneously, but there was something about it so I asked if we could hear the song with just her vocal. And out of the speakers came a brand new song. I’ve never heard a song change character in such a profound way so fast. Oh it was a lovely moment. I pretty much jumped up and ran into the studio and started yelling (I didn’t really yell) “you saved the song!!!” I  really can’t wait for you all to hear it. Tentative title is “Attica.”

*Beagles have an inclination towards racism - look it up.
** I'm hoping Hong Kong Fuey will guest star.
*** "Hey, didja smell about Rex's surgery? It's a ball!

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  1. Mark, for what it's worth, I've really enjoyed your posts. I hope you write some more.