Monday, June 23, 2014


Animals: Marmot, Violet-Green Swallow, Bank Swallow


“That smells like the seat of my Rascal.”

SIARPC: Felch Lives

 I know it doesn’t matter but I feel like I’m getting so far behind I’m forgetting stuff. So I’m going to attempt to streamline the next few days and see if I can get it back to zero.

We started out the day in Spokane at the exact same hotel we stayed at last time*, right on the Spokane River. I think the Spokane is my favorite urban river. It manages to retain some sense of wildness even when surrounded by concrete. I jogged, looked at the birds and a pretty sweet waterfall, ate a tofu Reuben from a truck, and then we were on our way. We just busted it out straight to Wenatchee because, wait for it, we were running behind. (Excepting a quick stop to get cherries from a roadside orchard. Last tour we were a week too early but not this time boyee!) Wenatchee was to be our second ever house concert. And it was in the same house where we stayed last time we played the big W. I have to say that our hosts are so wonderful and generous that combined with the world’s greatest pug Kilby, we adore the whole place. We’re getting a little more familiar with the dynamic and intimacy of the house show so we didn’t hide out quite as much as we had at the last one. I have trouble shaking the anxiety that we’re going to somehow get the host family in trouble for being too loud. It’s just how I am. After we settled in I took off to walk in the foothills. Their neighborhood butts right up against a wildlife refuge and it’s starkly beautiful. The hills are tans and browns covered by dried grasses and sage bushes. When the wind blew just right, and it was always blowing, you could actually smell the sage, which once again put me in mind of a bad Western. It was so peaceful and I was all alone out there. Plus I found Rocky, my lucky stress rock for the trip. He’s speckled like an egg and I love him.

I think we played well. We played for about an hour and only changed our set slightly by dropping a few of the really noisy ones, but in general we gave our show. These concerts really are defined by their intimacy. It’s a different energy from a club show but it’s cool. I’d love to see Superchunk in one of these shows. That’d be amazing. John slept in a tent in the backyard and fell so soundly asleep he didn’t even hear when Joe went out to it and played scary music from the Scooby Doo Show outside his tent. Oh, and we did our laundry!!

Tomorrow is Tacoma.

*Fun Fact: By not playing a show in Spokane we only played to two fewer people this time.

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