Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pizza King in Grand Junction (Epic Version)

Pizza King in Grand Junction, CO

Another video I completely forgot was on my Flip. I gave my camera to very nice gentleman from another band and asked to film Pizza King, because we had ambitions for this performance. Stupid ambitions but ambitions nonetheless. The night and stage lent itself to indulgence so we decided to try and stretch four songs into a half hour set. Our goal was go  to all Yo La Tengo on P.K. but on reflection it's closer to a drunken Sonic Youth. Regardless, we got offstage feeling like we'd played at least a 20 minute version. When we checked the tape it was around eight minutes. We'd managed to add about two minutes on to our usual performance. 

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  1. Wow! Just finished reading a big chunk of this blog and loved it. Hope you are well rested for the NYC show!